The Source of Faith. 

reading and hearing the Bible is where Christian faith comes from
Romans 10:17, “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” 

The word "hearing" in this verse refers to both listening and reading. The information from the pages of the Bible needs to enter our minds, and when it does, it will produce faith, but we have to actually hear the Word of God, the Bible.

When I bought my first computer, I brought it home and was ready to write a letter! However, as I searched through the programs, I found out that I needed a word processing program. The computer didn't come with it already installed. I then had to go back to the shop and pay another $200 to buy a computer program. When I got it home the computer worked perfectly. It is the same with the Bible and our minds. Our mind is the computer, and the Bible is the program God gave for mankind to get their lives in order.

Recently one of our boys hurt his foot, and we needed to go to the A&E at St. John’s Hospital. I knew exactly where it was, and wrote careful directions for my wife. She followed them perfectly, but when she arrived at
St. Camillus Hospital, she realized she was in the wrong place. Thanks to her brilliant husband! Once she followed the correct directions, she arrived where she had intended to be.

Is it any wonder so many individuals do not trust or believe the Bible? Most base their opinion about this book on others’ perceptions or accounts, and not their own. In reality, those people have never even picked up their Bible and given it a good read for themselves. This opinion is based primarily on assumption -- not truth.

Most people in life have the wrong directions. All ways do not lead to God. It is evident when you look at the results of lives all around us. It is evident when you watch the TV. It is evident when we talk to friends and family. Though God has the right directions, there are very few who actually have them. We cannot follow the directions unless we read them or hear them taught by someone who actually believes them. Even in "Christian" circles there are many who trust their religion, pastor, priest, minister, or even their own feelings, when it comes to God and life, but not what the Bible actually says. When you find the very few who do, there is a difference in their life. When you begin following the correct directions your life ends up where you are supposed to be.

If our faith is to be increased, or if we are to have any faith in God at all, we must hear the Bible! 
Romans 10:17, “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”

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