Did Early Christians Worship On Sunday, Or Was That Made Up By The Catholic Church?

I When posting a Sunday welcome message on gab.com/ancarraigbaptistchurch, a lad confronted me about the legitimacy of a Sunday Sabbath.
The lad told me that it was not Biblical and the Catholic church invented it. I told the lad that I did not believe in Sunday Sabbath (that the sabbath restrictions on Sunday bound the Christian). I said to him that Christians in the Bible and the first century worshipped the Lord on Sundays (the first day of the week). The argument ended when the lad ran out of ideas. The final straw was when…

… I presented these 14 Biblical pieces of evidence that the early Christians worshipped on Sunday; the argument ended quickly.

Here are the 14 pieces of evidence that a Christian should worship on Sunday.

1. On the first day, Jesus rose from the dead (Mk. 16:9).

2. On the first day, Jesus first appeared to his disciples (Mk. 16:9).

3. On the first day, Jesus met with the disciples at different places and repeatedly (Mk. 16:9-11; Mt. 28:8-10; Lk. 24:34; Mk. 16:12-13; Jn. 20:19-23).

4. On the first day, Jesus blessed the disciples (Jn. 20:19).

5. On the first day, Jesus imparted the Holy Spirit as a gift to the disciples (Jn. 20:22).

6. On the first day, Jesus commissioned the disciples to preach the gospel to all the world (Jn. 20:21; with Mk. 16:9-15).

7. On the first day, Jesus ascended to heaven, was seated at the Father's right hand and was made Head of all (Jn. 20:17; Ep. 1:20).

8. On the first day, many of the dead saints arose from the grave (Mt. 27:52-53).

9. The first day became the day of joy and rejoicing to the disciples (Jn. 20:20; Lk. 24:41).

10. On the first day, the gospel of the risen Christ was first preached (Lk. 24:34).

11. On the first day, Jesus explained the Scriptures to the disciples (Lk. 24:27, 45).

12. On the first day, the purchase of our redemption was completed (Ro. 4:25).

13. On the first day, the Holy Spirit descended (Ac. 2:1). Pentecost was on the 50th day after the sabbath following the wave offering (Le.23:15, 16). Thus Pentecost was always on a Sunday.

14. The Christians met to worship on the first day (Ac. 20:6, 7; 1 Co. 16:2). Sunday is "the Lord's Day" (Re. 1:10)

I hope this is a help and a blessing to encourage you to find a solid, doctrinally sound local church to join and participate in on Sundays in your area.
Contact us for help.)
*These 14 points were adapted from the Way of Life Encyclopaedia of Christianity and based on the King James Bible.

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