Will We Repeat History?

I have had people tell me that history is not reliable because it is distorted,
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therefore they throw out all history. Personally, I think this is a foolish mistake. All history is indeed written, to some degree, from a biased point of view. We should never accept history as being infallible like the Bible, but by studying it and knowing history, we can see where the world is heading. We can avoid the mistakes of the past. If we do not know history, we will be bound to repeat it.
Many false, Gnostic teachings from the first two centuries affect today's Christianity today. If we read Christian history, we can see how certain doctrines led to the outcomes of different religious groups. For instance, the doctrine of the universal church progressed into the forming of the Catholic system in 300 AD. We see how the doctrines of the Reformation affected and changed the Catholic system itself. We can know, through history, where churches that run governments leads, so it is vitally important for Christians to see the past. Sometimes people want to ignore Christian history because it is inconvenient. Some want to brush it off as if it were irrelevant, but is it truly? Sometimes knowing history gives us a new or deeper point of view.

After saying all of that I want to offer a
FREE 835-page book about Christian history called "A History of the Baptists". By the term baptist's, it is not referring specifically to a Baptist denomination, but Bible-believing Christians who have lived in pockets throughout Europe for centuries even before the Reformation. These Christians, called by different names, were persecuted for baptising people a "second time". The accounts in this book will inspire your faithfulness and your walk with God.

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