My Sole Consolation

They tell me my Bible’s outdated, that its teachings are no longer true;

God’s just an ethereal spirit who cares nothing for me or for you.

They tell me that all men are brothers, and they laugh at the need of rebirth,

They talk of a coming new kingdom that’s evolving right here on the earth.

They scoff at the Birth of my Saviour; He was only a man, so they say;
His life was the perfect example, what we follow as He leads the way.

They altered each creed in my Bible; each doctrine they’ve ripped to a shred;

They say I’ve no need for Salvation, and that Christ did not rise from the dead.

I listen, but all they tell me makes me cling to my Bible the more:

For nowhere but in its sacred pages is the comfort I’ve sought o’er and o’er.

No, this book is my sole consolation; I believe it is holy and true;

I’ll cling to its teachings forever, for I’ve faith in its Author--don’t you?

-- Copied from the Keystone Baptist

At An Carraig Baptist Church, we take a literal, fundamental approach to the Bible (AV 1611). We are also a local, independent body of believers, which means we are not subject to any religious hierarchy. Being "Baptist" means, we hold to the Bible based, Baptist Distinctives, that have been the hallmark of true Baptist churches through the centuries. You are welcome to join us at any of our weekly meetings, or schedule to meet for tea/coffee. Discover how to receive Christ's forgiveness today! See this video. _________________________________________ Want to learn more? Join us Sundays for our Sunday Meetings 10:30am & 11:30am in the city centre. 7 Lower Mallow, Limerick City, County Limerick, or