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Below you will discover a list of links that advocate privacy and free speech. Please feel free to click on the links and see what they have to offer.

-Pastor Keith

* = Personally used by Pastor Keith

Disclaimer: Neither Pastor Keith, nor An Carraig Baptist Church or any member thereof, has received discounts, perks or any kind of compensation from the companies listed below. We also take no responsibility, nor endorse, those who may own or use these websites, nor what may be written/advertised/promoted therein. These links are merely recommendations stemming from Pastor Keith's limited use and research. We advise those who access these links to do their own research into the companies listed below and to make their own decision as to whether or not to engage with them.

Quick Links
Web Browsers (Replaces Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc.)
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Dissenter (Computer Only)

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The New Internet

Private Search Engines
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Right Dao

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Duck Duck Go

Secure & Private Email
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Proton Mail

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News (What you won't see on RTE and BBC)
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GRIPT* (Irish)

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Epoch Times* (UK/Europe)

Social Media (uncensored)
(replaces Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
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(Speak Freely)

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Brighteon Social

We recently removed an app called MeWe, due to them taking posts down because they questioned a political election. This is the antithesis of free speech and I will no longer promote their app.

Private Messaging
(replaces Facebook Messenger, Viber, Apple Messages, WhatsApp)
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Gab Chat

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We recently removed an app called Signal, due to the fact news recently came out exposing that, due to govt accessibility, it is not truly a private app.

Cloud Alternative
(replaces Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, One Drive, Microsoft 365, etc)
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Resilio Sync*

"Stop storing your files on other peoples computers (cloud), and link your device files directly."

Video (uncensored)
(replaces YouTube)
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Gab TV

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