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You're Welcome to the Christian History Conference

Open the door to untold Christian history.

Discover where Christian denominations came from,

Christians you may have never heard of,

Inspiring testimonies that will enlighten and challenge your faith,

And much, much more.

Hear Evangelist Robert Jones

Hear Evangelist Robert Jones in his presentation called "The Trail of Blood".

Scheduled Sessions:
Sunday AM, 14 July - 10:30
Sunday AM, 14 July - 11:30
Sunday PM, 14 July - 19:00
Monday, 15 July - 19:00
Tuesday, 16 July - 19:00
Wednesday, 17 July - 19:00

You are welcome to come to one session, or all six. Due to the conference topic,
we recommend attending all six sessions, but we understand this may not be possible for everyone.

All are welcome.
No cost. Light refreshments served after each session.

Please register soon so we will have a seat available for you.