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Download the book by Cary Schmidt*.

*All content on this page is posted with written permission from the author.

You are more than a body; you will live forever somewhere; and God is on a divine rescue mission to make sure your “forever” is safe with Him!

If you enjoy being loved; if you enjoy gifts; if you care about where you will spend forever; and if you want to know the true message of the Bible, then you must read this book!

Where will you spend forever? You owe this question some investigation...

This is a short 100 pg. book that every believer, and skeptic, should read.

Please feel free to have a read below of the first 16 pages, or download the FULL VERSION as a FREE GIFT from ACBC. We hope and pray that it will be a blessing and a help.

Downloads are at the bottom of the page.
… the most clarifying book I have read, revealing how ALL religions relate to the Bible."
Keith Hamilton


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or visit with us to receive a free book.
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